Village Tour Walking

On this walking tour, you will be taken for a guided walk around the village, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the vast history and day to day lives of the local people.

The tour includes visiting the primary school where you will be able to meet and greet the reception class (ages 4-6 years) and interact with some very special young people.

You will also visit the traditional healer who will tell you what animals you may encounter on your holiday. (subject to the traditional doctor being available)

Also meet families who weave and sell traditional baskets, where they welcome you into their home to learn about their family life

Excludes: Refreshments
Cost: BWP 150.00

Baobab Forest Sun Downers

On this activity, you will be driven in an open game vehicle to a collection of local Baobabs where you will have a guided walk through the Baobab forest, allowing you to learn about the ecology and history of these majestic trees.

You can then enjoy a selection of tasty homemade snacks accompanied by a soft drink, wine or beer of your choice while you watch the sun set on another wild day in Africa!

Departure: 16:30pm

Return: 19:00pm

Includes: Snacks & Drinks
Cost: BWP 250.00

Ntwetwe Salt Pan Half Day Adventure & Meerkat Visit

Our guests are taken to see our colony of habituated Meerkats who live on the edge of the Ntwetwe salt pan. These Meerkats are human habituated and this therefore gives our guests a once in a life time opportunity to observe their natural behaviours and charming personalities from almost touching distance!

After visiting and interacting with the Meerkats guests are then transported to the vast  Ntwetwe salt pan, which forms part of one of the largest salt pans in the world, likened to being on the surface of the moon, the sight of the salt pan is truly one to behold!

Departure (mornings): 6:00am

Return (mornings): 10:00am

Departure (afternoons) 15:00pm

Return (afternoons) 19:00pm

(Times may vary due to seasons)

Includes: Bottled Water
Excludes: Beverages & Food
Cost: BWP 750.00

Ntwetwe Pan Full Day Adventure & Meerkat Visit

We start this activity with the above mentioned visit to our habituated colony of Meerkats with time being taken to view and experience the gorgeous Ntwetwe salt pan.

We then take our guests onto the historically famous Green’s and Chapman’s Baobabs which were used as beacons of both direction and hope for pioneers such as James Chapman and Dr David Livingstone himself!

These great baobabs form part of a culturally and historically rich piece of land.

Guests will also have the opportunity to visit an old ant hill which the bushman used as a modem of prayer to their ancestors before commencing on a hunt for locally indigenous game.

Departs: 7:30am

Returns 15:30pm

Note: Departure times may vary

Includes: Water, Packed lunch, & Fruit juice.

Excludes: Alcoholic beverages
Cost: BWP 1150.00

Ntwetwe Pan Overnight Adventure & Meerkat Visit

Set off from Gweta Lodge to our fully equipped and exclusive camp on the Ntwetwe Salt pan where you can settle down around a roaring camp fire in time to watch the most spectacular African sunset!

Guests are then served a 3-course meal around a candle lit dining table while enjoying the solitude of the salt pan.

Guests can then head off for bed to snuggle down into their warm and cosy bedrolls whilst watching the night sky pass right above their heads (our overnights are a favourite with astronomers and anyone keen to see the Milky Way in all its glory)!

The next morning after breakfast guests are taken to see our habituated Meerkat colony as they emerge from their burrow to enjoy the warm morning sun.

We can also include a ride on the saltpans with quad bikes for those who enjoy an adrenaline rush!

Departure: 15:30pm

Return: 10:00am (following morning)

Includes: Bottled Water, Dinner, & Breakfast
Excludes: Refreshments
Cost: BWP 1350.00 With quad bikes: BWP 1600.00 per person

Makgadikgadi National Park Full Day Trip

This trip takes guests to the game rich Makgadikgadi National Park, where they will enjoy a game drive along the beautiful Boteti River which is famous for hosting one of the largest zebra migrations in Africa.

The guests will enjoy a delicious packed breakfast and a wholesome packed lunch eaten overlooking the majestic river.

Departure: 5:30am

Return: 13:30pm

Note: Departure times may vary

Includes: Packed Breakfast & Lunch
Excludes: Alcoholic Beverages
Cost: BWP 1850.00

Nxai Pan National Park Full Day Trip

Prepare for a full day of sights and wonders as guests are taken to Nxai Pan National park.

This national park is a true hidden gem with frequent sightings of Cheetah and Elephant, guests will not be disappointed with the abundance of game in this seemingly sandy and vast national park.

Nxai pan also hosts the infamous Baines Baobabs, pictured in Thomas Baines historical painting, the six sisters (as the baobabs are locally known) are a breath taking sight strutted out on an island on the bare kudikum pan.

Departure: 5:30am

Returns: 13:30pm

Includes: Packed Breakfast & Lunch with fruit juice
Excludes: : Alcoholic Beverages
Cost: BWP 1850